Major Update:

posted 12 Jan 2014, 00:46 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 12 Jan 2014, 00:51 ]

Major Update:

RR Sets are now published as DICOM sets

You can now practice the sets either using OsiriX (Mac) or RadiAnt (PC)

This will simulate the examination with ability to zoom, pan, window etc

Keep looking for New RR Sets, Set 22 now online.

Reply to Emails with Queries

posted 22 Jan 2012, 09:13 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 22 Jan 2012, 09:23 ]

Can you please discuss the questions and answers for Rapids, Long cases and VIVA using the Discussion board, with others instead of directly emailing me.

I will not be able to answer individually to questions regarding RR, viva topics, FRCR, fellowships, career prospects etc, as I am really overwhelmed with emails and unfortunately my time schedule does not allow me to be able to reply to all the emails.

I shall try answer these on the forum at the earliest and this also provides a good platform for interaction between the candidates and spares me from replying to duplication questions.

I hope you understand that I am really busy with my routine work amidst spending time on maintaing a free web site of this quality !

Use discussion board, Thanks

New Links

posted 18 Jul 2011, 03:11 by Sameer Shamshuddin

Take a look at the newly added links in the Study Links page; especially Chorus, Radiology Notes and Radiology Case stream, wish i had seen them before my exams !!!

Chorus is brilliant !!!

Browser Compatibility

posted 14 Jul 2011, 10:01 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 20 Jul 2011, 03:55 ]

The site works best with Google Chrome and Apple Safari. 

Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 & 9, fixed !!!

New Content

posted 28 May 2011, 05:56 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 5 Jul 2011, 14:22 ]

For the 2011 autumn sitting, i shall be uploading new content, mainly concentrating on the long cases and VIVA components as i feel the RR component has been comprehensively covered with 20 sets already on the website. I hope to put up few more LC and VIVA sets.

I have uploaded Set 3, 4 & 5 for longcases, keep a lookout as more in the pipeline !!!


Updated Links

posted 16 Apr 2011, 03:36 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 17 May 2011, 13:01 ]

Books and Courses  and Study links for online content are separated into two separate pages, so that you can find all available resources in one place

FRCR 2b Results Apr 2011 sitting

posted 4 Apr 2011, 10:11 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 4 Apr 2011, 10:19 ]

Dear All

My heartiest congratulations to all those who passed, am really overwhelmed with the thank you emails indeed. Cherish the moments, it's your success. Wish you all the very best for your future.

To those who could not make it to the list, nothing is lost it's just another new opportunity to begin afresh and be better than what you would have been if you were on the list today ! I really do mean this because this examination process will will only make you better and hence never ever give up !

I would appreciate all your feedbacks so that we can work together for the next sitting !

Best wishes

Guest Authors

posted 1 Mar 2011, 06:23 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 14 Nov 2011, 14:03 ]

Am very pleased to introduce these esteemed authors and appreciate their willingness to share their knowledge on this website: 

1. Dr Raviraj Uppor, Consultant Radiologist, Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, UK.

2. Dr Bindu Kumar, Consultant Radiologist, Cross-House Hospital, West of Scotland, UK.

3. Dr Shalini Govil, Consultant Radiologist and Head of Radiology, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Bangalore, India.

Thank you and look forward to more contributions from you !!!

Dr Sameer Shamshuddin

Feedback and Site review appreciated

posted 25 Feb 2011, 16:08 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 3 May 2011, 06:20 ]

Dear All

I must say a big thank you to all those who have e-mailed me their appreciation for putting up this project.

I now have over 4000 visitors to date since 2nd Feb, when i created this site. There are currently 100 VIVA cases in 10 sets, 12 long-cases in 2 sets and 600 RR cases in 20 sets

I hope to double the LC and VIVA components by next sitting

Keep me posted with feedbacks and site-reviews:


Discussion Board

posted 7 Feb 2011, 05:38 by Sameer Shamshuddin   [ updated 7 Feb 2011, 05:43 ]

Dear All

You are welcome to join the discussion board on

Here you can post comments, discuss about the exam preparation and use it to the best of your advantage.

This shall be moderated for its content meticulously and please use this only for discussion related to the site and the examination. Any other posts will be deleted and the user blocked from further access to this emerging futuristic website

Best of luck

Dr Sameer Shamshuddin

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