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FRCR 2B Spring 2014

Final FRCR-IIB Master Course, Autumn 2014

29th and 30th September 2014

Venue: The Royal College of Radiologists, London 

Register interest by email to be put on priority list

Once logistics are worked out we shall email availability to book the course

Only 50 slots available for full course covering both days

Whole Course is run on OsiriX using Apple iMac Computers

Day1: 8 sets of Rapid Reporting 

Day2: 3 sessions of 1hr / viva group and 3 sets of longcases

The Royal College Of Radiologists, London

Previous Course: 24th March 2014

'FRCR-IIB Rapid Reporting Master Course, Spring 2014'

8 RCR Category 1 CPD credits approved for one day

Venue: Wolfson Hall, The Royal College of Radiologists, London

Sameer Shamshuddin,
17 Feb 2014 12:17