32days until
FRCR 2B autumn 2014

FRCR-2B Master Course, Autumn 2014

Course is Fully Booked 

We are delighted to announce this course following extremely positive and encouraging feedback from the last FRCR Rapid Reporting Course and continued requests for a full course from several candidates over the years.

We have put together a fully comprehensive and intensive two day program with high impact strategyThe faculty for the course is made up of Experienced Consultants who are highly enthusiastic, motivated   and committed to Radiology Education from all over UK. We look forward to giving you an educational experience to remember and cherish running up to the exam.

Why is this course so close to exam ?

The course is aimed at being as CLOSE & REAL to the actual exam as possible and hence intentionally timed at being one week before the actual exams. We anticipate candidates to be near-ready for the exams by this time and this course is to help you in testing yourself, fine-tune your skills and enhance your performance.  

The venue for the course is at the same place where the actual FRCR-2B exams would happen; at Wölfson Hall in the basement for Rapid Reporting/Long-Cases and in the 10 VIVA Cubicles at First floor of the Royal College of Radiologists

This will be your MOCK EXAM and we believe that this will help immensely in acclimatising yourself to the surroundings, get over the nerves for the exam venue and appear for the exam being in a comfort zone with a sense of having been there and done before.

The whole Course is run on OsiriX Platform using Apple iMac Computers

Day1:    8 sets of Rapid Reporting with extensive tutor review on cases and RR techniques

Day2:    2 examiners/candidate with 3 candidates in a 1 hour VIVA session

              3 Hot-Seat VIVA and 6 Observed VIVA / candidate with feedback

              3 sets of long cases with extensive tutor review & techniques

Complete course program is attached at the bottom of the page for download

Sameer Shamshuddin,
27 Apr 2014 15:41