FRCR 2B Online Web-Classes / Tutorials

Bringing our courses to your finger tips and helping you to learn faster and fine-tune your skills

Deligates will be sent calendar invitations to join the web-meetings and given access to solve cases on Cloud PACS 

Web-Class 1 : Rapid Reporting on tbc, 1300 to 1700

Candidates will solve Rapid Reporting Sets followed by tutor review of cases by Dr Sameer Shamshuddin


1300-1330: Webinar 1 - introduction to Web-Class and instructions to candidates
1330-1430: Candidates solve Set 1 and Set 2 on Cloud PACS
1430-1510: Webinar 2 - Tutor review of Set 1 and Set 2
1520-1620: Candidates solve Set 3 and Set 4 on Cloud PACS
1620-1700: Webinar 3 - Tutor review of Set 3 and Set 4

Web-Class 2 : VIVA on tbc, 1300 to 1700

VIVA with Dr Sameer Shamshuddin

i-Seat VIVA: each candidate gets to do a VIVA of 15 min with 5 min feedback 
Delegates on i-seat (aka hot-seat) will discuss the cases that are displayed on the shared screen of examiner on webinar, while others listen to the interaction
i-Seat VIVA is now fully booked 

i-Learn VIVA: other candidates watch live VIVA Webinar 
Watch and listen to the live webinar. VIVA Cases will be shared with all delegates on our Cloud-PACS so that everyone can look at the cases in their own computers, access to viva set will be provided for 2 days

Demo Cases and Technical Requirements:

1. PC or Mac laptop/desktop with good broadband connectivity 

2. Accessories Required: mouse, microphone and speakers / good headset for webinar 

3. Webinar platform: Zoom meeting

4. Click on this link to access sample cases : FRCR 2B Online Library Demo PACS
    Password is : frcr

Work through each case, talk through the case and listen to the tutorial in mp4, it's that simple !!!