FRCR 2B Master Course, Autumn 2019

Course Fully Booked

26-27th September 2019

University of Liverpool in London, London

Course Full

VIVARads London, Autumn 2019

few places available

28-29th September 2019

University of Liverpool in London, London

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Lancaster Knee MRI Reporting Workshop 

last 7 places available

21st November 2019

Lancaster House Hotel, Lancaster

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A fully comprehensive 2 day Full Course simulating Real Examination conditions with 4 Reporting Tests (4 sets of Rapids and 4 sets of Long Cases in tandem as they will be presented in the exams) and 6 hours of VIVAS over a period of 2 days . There will be engaging and comprehensive review of Reporting Tests and individual feedback on VIVA performance. 

The faculty for the course is made up of Experienced Consultants from all over UK who are highly enthusiastic, motivated and committed to Radiology EducationWe look forward to giving you an educational experience to remember and cherish running up to the examination.

Why is this course so close to exam ?

The course is aimed at being as CLOSE & REAL to the actual exam as possible and hence intentionally timed at being within the two weeks window. We anticipate candidates to be near-ready for the exams by this time and this course is intended to help you in testing yourself, fine-tune your skills and enhance your performance.  

Success stories from recent sittings

I passed the exam ! 

I wish to thank you and the entire team at FRCR masterclass for doing such a wonderful job. 

I honestly think it was the course that gave me the right perspective to face the exam.

I am happy to inform you that I have cleared FRCR 2B.Your course and website were of great help for preparation. 

Thank you for all the help

I passed the exam and wanted to share my happiness. Thank you for organising such an amazing course and helping a lot of radiologists
    I attended your course this time before my FRCR final exam and it helped me not only clear the exam but strengthened my subject too. Thank you for all your dedication and efforts each time before the exam which has helped so many candidates like me to tackle this exam. Your website is amazing which provided links to so many other tutorials. The rapid reporting sets on your site can match no other material on the internet especially for overseas candidates who are not so familiar with A & E radiographs. Keep the good work going. 

    2 day Full of VIVA and Keynote talks in the Lecture Hall geared towards FRCR 2B VIVA 

    All delegates will sit in the auditorium and each will have an opportunity to take the HOT_SEAT_VIVA in turns

    VIVA_Hot_Seat will be set-up with 1 candidate and 2 examiners, each having their own microphones. Audio-Visual system will project the VIVA case on to a large screen and microphones will transmit the conversation through speakers in the hall. 
    This way you will be able to participate in VIVA and also watch and learn from others VIVA. 

    Over a period of two days, you will get to see a variety of VIVA cases (hundreds of cases) and also learn through keynote lectures on Approach to VIVA Topics (Examples: Approach to Bone Tumors, Approach to Interstitial Lung Diseases, Approach to Neuro-Imaging)

    Note to Overseas Candidates:  

    There is No Waiting List/Reservation of places 

    The number of overseas candidates are substantially high and it is logistically not possible to accommodate each request.  

    Places are offered on a first come first served basis only. If you do register and pay for this course before the ballot allocations, you will take the risk of loosing your registration fees in case you cannot attend the course. 

    If you are awaiting ballot allocations for confirmation of a sitting in March, we strongly advice you to wait until a place is confirmed for attending the exams in March 2016 and you are certain to make the trip to UK.

    Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reasons including VISA refusal. 

    We do not hold a sponsor licence as defined by the UK Border Agency under Tier 4 of the points-based system. We cannot provide you supporting documents for VISA applications. You are therefore advised to attend the course on the basis of attending the FRCR Examinations.