Welcome to FRCR Tutorials, a website dedicated towards preparation for the Final FRCR 2B examination conducted by the Royal College of Radiologists, UK. 

I hope you find this a helpful resource in realising your dreams and get through the examination with flying colours. 

I am a Consultant Radiologist with an interest in MSK Imaging at Royal Lancaster Infirmary since 2012 after completing Specialist training from West of Scotland Training Scheme. I have been heavily involved in teaching radiology trainees in roles as RCR College Tutor/TSTL, Associate Training Program Director for ST2 and ST3 at HEENW and was twice awarded as Training Program Tutor of the Year in 2013 and 2015I have been a member of faculty and invited speaker at several conferences and courses like UKRC, Scottish MRI Course, FRCR Courses, Emergency Radiology courses and OsiriX courses.

I have immense affinity towards teaching and passionate about bringing the web to it's potential use in radiology education.

This is my small step towards teaching the coming generation of trainees and passing on the tricks !

Aim of this project: 

1. Provide quality tutorials geared towards approaching this fiercely competitive examination. 

2. Rapid Reporting, Long Cases and VIVA sets representing the standards set by the college.

3. A pattern based 'An Approach to....and SCRIPTS strategy' geared towards the VIVA.

4. Be a One-stop terminal for all your needs !

Impact and performance: 

This site was launched on the 3rd of February 2011 targeting the candidates for the Spring 2011 sitting and has been embraced and acknowledged with flowing positive feedbacks from the candidates, peers and experts. It has attracted over 5 million hits since it's inception from virtually from all around the globe ! I can now confidently say that this site has matured to deliver the contents to the intended audience. 

The Online Library is published in Cloud PACS sets with ability to zoom, pan, window etc simulating the examination. This is probably the only site that delivers the quality content in a pattern as close to the examination sitting as possible.

All Cases  have model answers or a video file with case based teaching on our library. It shall be my constant endeavour to improvise the site with respect to content, quality and accessibility. Hopefully, this site will grow in future months and years, and be recognised as a good learning resource and help the candidates achieve their goals with flying colours.

Your feedback is much appreciated, which in turn will keep my spirits up and do better. 

Please E-mail me on to leave your feedback. 

Best wishes

Dr Sameer Shamshuddin

Director, FRCR Tutorials


This site is only an eye-opener for what to expect in the examination and by no means this covers the breadth of radiology knowledge required to pass the examination. This is not a substitute for reading books or any other necessary preparation required.

The content and case-mix available in the website are from the personal experience of the authors, their opinion and guidance are shared in good will to help, but the final judgement as to what to take and what not to take entirely rests with the readers.

The website takes no liability as to the results achieved in the examination. Would be glad to hear the success stories and constructive criticism with equal measures in light of continuous professional development. 

Wish you best of luck in your quest for knowledge and hope this little effort puts you in good stead to face the challenges ahead