Expert Review

  • Very nice website, you have put a lot of hard work into it, Goodluck

Dr John Curtis 
University Hospital Aintree, UK
Cons Radiologist & Organiser of Aintree FRCR Course

  • I have spent today having a good look through your site – it is brilliant !  
  • Well done for all your hard work, I shall recommend it to all our trainees

Dr Mary Roddie 
University Hospital Aintree, UK
Consultant Radiologist
Charing Cross Hospital
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

  • Great resource for all the trainees. Good job.

Dr Jessie AW
University of Chicago, USA

  • I just found your website and just want to congratulate you on your effort and kindness. 
  • Keep up the wonderful job!

Dr Tan Suzet
Consultant Radiologist 
Kuching General Hospital, Malaysia

  • I am so heartened to see proof that "Teaching" - for the sheer joy of sharing knowledge - is alive and well!
  • I cannot imagine how many hours you have put into your site but I am sure many many anxious candidates are very grateful. 
  • I did the FRCR 2B in 1999. I wish you had been around then!

        Best wishes, 

Shalini Govil

Dr Shalini Govil
Head of Radiology, 
Columbia-Asia Hospitals, 

  • I would like to congratulate you on an excellent website ! 
  • Its very well done and you have taken a lot of effort in developing it.
  • SouthWest FRCR Courses: Good free resource for practice packets

Dr Koshy Jacob
Weston General Hospital, UK
Cons Radiologist & Organiser of Southwest (Bristol) FRCR Course

  • Sameer, great work. 
  • I will pass on to all my students here - around 75 candidates we train every year at Chennai and coimbatore.
  • I have looked at your website, really neat and good - it is good that you are doing it all free and that is a great thing ! 
  •  -- a very useful website with important and helpful features on how to prepare, what to expect for the FRCR exam; many learning resources are there; a great effort by the author

Dr A Anbarasu
Consultant Radiologist, India
(FRCR Gold Medalist, Organiser of Chennai FRCR Course, India)

  • This is a very informative and very good website for those who want to clear FRCR. I did like the VIVA ppps which prepares the candidate for viva very well. I am sure that he will put up more topics in coming days & year
  • The links given in this site are top most for FRCR 2B. I strongly recommend everyone to go through those links and solve the case; which helps in viva & LC
  • The RR packs are increasingly difficult, which is essential to keep the FRCR candidates on their toes and keep their skills of finding fractures alert. 
  • I wish you great success in this work and hoping that you will work continuously improving this site. 
  • Also I am more than happy to share my teaching cases and materials with you in this web page. 
  • I am recommending this site to many of my residents and junior colleagues who wants to appear for FRCR.
  • Good work Sameer, keep it up.

Dr Raviraj Uppoor

Consulat Radiologist

Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, UK