Rapid Reporting

Rapid Reporting:

Rapid Reporting component of the FRCR 2B is indeed a reflection of your normal day to day reporting session. Think like this, 'How often do I spend more than a minute in reporting a plain film on PACS?', not very often........think !!!

So time is not an issue, even though the college gives you 35 mins, you can finish this component in 25-30 mins. This of-course is achievable but with practice and sound technique.

Most important technique is to 'Have a Routine' at looking at each body part in a set pattern. 

Do it the same way every time and go through each case in a systematic approach and check review areas. 

For example; always start looking at the ankle for Talar dome OCD on AP, followed by fibula# on lateral projection and then # base of the 5th MT before doing anything else with the case. 

Make-up your own list for each body part, i have uploaded my technique 'An approach to RR' if you need a start.

Practise, practise and practise.............this goes a long way .....and .....all the way  !!!

Practice on our Online Library