Dr Abhishek Jain, UK

Hi Sameer, I am one of the 3rd year Radiology trainees at Mersey and attempted the FRCR 2B this march. I passed it the first time around. Just wish to say a Big Thank You ! for such an amazing site and all the hard work you have put into it.

Every bit of your advice was so helpful, concentrating on all 3 different modules of the exams. 

The Rapid reporting sets were life savers. Although I found them difficult in the beginning, they started making more sense as I got more mileage. The long cases again were amazing in building up a good approach. 

The viva practice session were so close to the ones I saw in the exam.  More of commoner garden stuff.  Testing how safe you are. And I remember one of the lines from your advice. You will earn your films and next investigations!  

That is exactly what happened in my Vivas. I am so glad I found this site and made the most of it. Thank you once again.

Dr Sanjeev Gopal Bhagwani, Singapore

Dear Sameer, I am based in Singapore and had written to you earlier. I managed to pass the 2b exam this time. I cannot tell you in words how much your site was instrumental in keeping me on track with a plan to execute in all components of the examination, and the excellent quality of your practice components. 

Even the cartoon images on the site are a great source of motivation, which is the prime essence of the entire plot. God bless you always for the amazing hard work you have put into the site and that also without any charge ! Thanks

Dr Aneesh Patel, UK

Dear Sameer, this is a top website you and your colleagues have put together. 

I recently passed the FRCR 2b and used your website heavily, as did a number of my colleagues. 

I will recommend it as a useful resource to juniors sitting the exam. Well done.

Dr Mohamed A. ElBeily, Egypt

I have passed the FRCR. Thank you for your effort and kind help with the frcrtutuorial website.

Accept my sincere best wishes.

Dr Gadd-allah atif ali, Egypt

i cleared 2b,thanks a lot, your site is very helpful ,we appreciate your effort

Dr Shaji Mohammed, India

Sir, few months ago, i had contacted u for guidance regarding 2b examination. I hope u remember me!

I passed the 2b exam. Thanks a lot for ur guidance and instructions. 

Your website is very good and RR sets are excellent. Some of them were exactly the samein the exam !!!

Dr Yeeting Sim, UK

This is an exemplary website for FRCR 2B preparation, with high-standard exam practice sets and many invaluable exam tips.

It is a comprehensive 'one-stop shop' for getting useful information pertaining to the 2B exams, lots of practice on rapid reporting and long cases, good mix of cases with many learning points worth re-visiting time and again.

Sincere gratitude to Sameer, an excellent teacher and great colleague, for your tremendous effort in publishing this website and continuous dedication towards teaching!

Your website is one of the most useful resources available for FRCR 2B revision - truly a gem!

Dr Trupti Kulkarni, UK

This website deserves the many adjectives and superlatives attributed to it. It is by far, the most comprehensive FRCR exam preparation site. The quality of the material both in content as well as presentation/picture quality is superlative.

Most important of all is the interaction with Sameer – his prompt replies to queries gives you the feeling of a one-on-one teaching session. Sameer is a great teacher as I can vouch from personal experience and it is no surprise that the calmness he brings to his teaching sessions is mirrored in the website. Of no less importance is the constant updating of the site. (I like the count-down to the exams on the home page.)

The website affords easy access (a surprise that it is free!) and is extremely user-friendly.

In short, a friendly companion that will definitely see you through your exams.

Dr Usman Bhopal, Pakistan

Regarding FRCRtutorials: 

"As a 2B candidate I visited many websites, read many books and attended many famous courses inside and outside UK. I have no doubt in saying that the best website at the moment for the preparation of FRCR 2B in terms of material and information is "".

I used this website primarily for the preparation of 2B, I have gone through the whole website many times and confirms that the recommended books, websites and courses are the best ones at present because I had experienced them personally. 

The material in terms of RR, Long cases and Viva is exactly the same as it appears on the exams by the RCR. I advise every one to use this website as main source, just what you need to do is to follow the instructions given by Dr Sameer at the beginning of each section and then take each file seriously as you are sitting in exams. 

This site helped me a lot in getting perfection in RR, to develop my technique in Long Cases and to get my confidence in Viva. In short "" is a complete recipe for FRCR 2B success!!!"

Thank you Sameer for every thing and for sharing with us ur experience and knowledge.

Dr Benjamin Smith, UK

'This website was invaluable in my preparation for the FRCR 2B examinations. A comprehensive revision aid for the FRCR 2B examination, the website combines an excellent bank of images with excellent usability and sensible layout. 

The addition of thoughtful powerpoint presentations addressing salient teaching points is an excellent idea. 

I am not aware of any other similar resource on the internet (certainly none of this standard), and Dr Shamshuddin is to be congratulated on setting the benchmark for online examination preparation. 

A truly superb website, which I am confident will only continue to expand and improve.'

Dr C Anosike, UK

Thank you for all your help. This site is an excellent resource for the FRCR 2B examinations. I found the materials very useful especially for the Rapid reporting part of the exams. 

The tips on the website were really useful to me and the exams on the day were weighted towards the more difficult rapid reporting practice sets on the website. 

Any candidate preparing for the 2B exams must take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to practice for the exams.

SRT Forum, Oct 2011

Best website for 2B at the moment is "" by Dr Sameer Shamshuddin, MUST DO IT AGAIN & AGAIN. 

You will get all the details regading 2B on this website, follow them for books, websites and courses. Do frcrtutorials site by heart.

I am realy thankfull to Dr Sameer for sharing with us his information and developing this valuable site for 2B candidates

Dr Asha Neelakantan, UK

' Thank you for your selfless effort and enthusiasm in creating this indispensable resource for all of us'.

Dr Richard McDonald, UK

Sameer, I just wanted to add my thanks to the accolades you've already collected. 

Much appreciation for all your hard work, teaching, and insight into the 2B examination, helping me to achieve success first time! 

The formal rapid reporting sessions were fantastic, and the website is superb. The film packets are highly representative of my cases in the exam.

Many thanks again

Dr Mudit Gupta, India

I have passed the frcr exam. Thanks for all the guidance and support. I must say that it would not have been possible without your site, especially for someone like me, who has not attended any course for the preparation ! 

your site provided very good guidance and teaching material for the preparation

Dr Patricia Deonarine, UK

Sameer's RR pack were on par with any of the sets we got at the 2B courses. Some were more difficult and the quality of your images were as good and in some cases, better than the images we got at  the  courses. 

Your advice and support was invaluable to me in passing the 2B.

 You also had a good mix of cases  which was truly representative in the variety of cases that appear in the RR packs for the exams.  

Also the format of having only one image/view per case is also representative of the exams, because most cases are given as a single view or  if 2  orthogonal views were given, they were on the  same page, no scrolling to find the second image as a separate data set.

 Much obliged and thankful  for all your help, support and advice given so willingly and selfless.

Dr Mateen Siddiqui

I have no words to thank you enough dr sameer. may god reward you with the best, it would not have been possible without your most helpful site especially the rapid rewarding (reporting) section.

It is a must for everyone taking this exam.

The best thing about the site is that it gives the feel of the real exam over a period of time rather than in two days like in most of the courses. That gives a lot of time to reflect on our deficiencies and improvise. 

In fact, i did not take any course since i was comfortable preparing with your site and confident that i would not benefit anything extra from a course.

So once again thanks a lot and keep up the big project going.

Dr Calum Nicolson, UK

Many thanks for the teaching and great resources. 

I feel the key to passing the rapids is developing a solid routine which only comes with practice.  Your resources are ideal for this and am sure one of the reasons I passed first time.  

They are very close to the exam and of high quality.  So much better than others I've seen on powerpoint etc.  Many thanks again.

Dr Sarath Bethapudi, UK

Very good FRCR practice website.  The rapid reporting tutorials on the website make an ideal practice for the run up to the exam. 

Personally found the site very useful to test myself before the actual examination. Would strongly recommend the site to candidates aspiring to achieve FRCR.  

Good luck.

Dr Jack Straiton, UK

"Excellent sets for rapid reporting practice. 

Representative of the actual exam. 

Would recommend!"

Dr Abid Hussain Gullenpet

Saudi Arabia, King Fahd Hospital, University of al-khobar 

My sincere thanks to you for your very informative and helpful site. I passed in april 2011.

Earlier i had attended courses in India, Middle East and UK but nothing to macth your site. It is more than 5 courses and free ! 

Accept my sincere thaks for the help even though late.

Dr Sriram Vaidyanathan

This website fills a much needed gap in radiology exam preparation. There are many resources for the 2a but relatively few for the 2b. 

Also the preparation for the 2b is quite fragmented and regional. Very little feedback from a trainee perspective with high yield topics for the exam using the much needed 'an approach to...'. 

Well done and thank you for addressing a much needed area.