FRCR 2B Coaching

FRCR 2B VIVA Classes with Dr Sameer Shamshuddin

1-1 VIVA 

FRCR 2B VIVA Coaching

One-One VIVA session for 1 hour

3 x 15 min Hot Seat VIVA and 5 min feedback

Mock exam viva with focused individual feedback and advice on how to improve

Build your confidence with personalized attention 

Cost : £120 / session

FRCR 2B Master Class 

VIVA Classroom - Small Group Coaching

Maximum of 9-12 hot-seat candidates 

Classroom model coaching on 3 half-days

Cost : GBP 200 only

Web-Classes, Autumn 2023 Schedule:

Class 1 : 17/11/2023, 1400 UK Time

Class 2 : 01/12/2023, 1400 UK Time

Class 3 : 15/12/2023, 1400 UK Time 

Each candidate gets One 15min Hot Seat VIVA with 5 min feedback and Observe other's VIVA in a class

1-1 VIVA - Personal Coaching

Are you a radiology resident looking to improve your chances of passing the FRCRC 2B viva? If so, 1-1 viva coaching can be a great way to do just that.

If you're serious about passing the FRCRC 2B viva, 1-1 coaching can be a valuable investment. 

With the help of an experienced coach, you can improve your knowledge, practice your technique, and build your confidence. 

This will give you the best possible chance of success on the exam 

Here are some of the benefits of 1-1 FRCRC 2B viva coaching:

VIVA Classroom  - Group Coaching

Small group FRCR 2B viva coaching can be a great way to prepare for the viva examination. By practicing with other candidates in a small group setting, you can get feedback on your presentation skills, knowledge, and understanding of the radiology curriculum.

Here are some of the benefits of small group FRCR 2B viva coaching: