VIVA, The Exam:

The FRCR 2B VIVA runs for 60 minutes, devided into two stations of 30 minutes each. Each station will have two examiners. One examiner will examine you for 15 minutes and this will be marked by the other examiner. After 15 minutes they swap over.

All cases are marked to 8: 4-Fail, 5-borderline, 6-Pass, 7-good pass and 8-very good.

It is important to remember that each case is treated individually and if you don't get one case there is no need to panic. You can still pass if you can make it up for in the next case ! There is as such no starter or smarter films - all cases carry equal weightage !

Practice on our Online Library hosted on Cloud PACS

Tips to Success:

  • Listen to the examiner for any history at the beginning

  • Be methodical and systematic in your approach in describing the findings

  • If it is an auntminnie, go for it and get the full marks

  • Don’t have a clue film: don’t panic, be systematic in approach and go through the R/V areas, ask for old films or next I/N (you will earn these)

VIVA in the Exam is a dialogue, unlike in most courses where films come down once you have made a Dx !

You will be probed on your confidence, breadth of knowledge and definitely on further management of the case

Remember, you are being assessed to see Are You in the next league: ‘Consultant Radiologist’ !!!

Be Confident and ACT Like a Consultant Radiologist !!!

I shall be updating this page with VIVA Sets and approach to important topics commonly encountered in the VIVA. These presentations are presented with 'An Approach To......Pattern', which help you in framing a sound base upon which you can tackle any of the films shown on these topics.

I strongly advice candidates to Make 'SCRIPTS' on which they can build a case on it's pattern that is strongly ingrained in the mind, thereby your presentation style flows rather than limp in the race !!!

For example, you can have a SCRIPT on bone tumour, arthritis, mammogram, Lobar collapse-Ca lung, HRCT patterns and so on.......I will try and put up a few of these in the VIVA Sets, hopefully will help your cause.

Practice VIVA with a study partner

Do sets of 15 minutes simulating exam conditions so that your brain gets trained.

You can look at the images from any of the textbooks (Grainger, Sutton, Brant and Helms...)

Practice loud and get over the nerves !!!

Best wishes

Dr Sameer Shamshuddin